Unique retreats for leaders who are ready
to step up and shape the future.

Leaders with big teams and big ambitions need time and space to think deeply.

We believe slowing down to Pause enables leaders to reach an even higher level of performance. For most leaders, we know taking their foot off the gas feels irresponsible. Reckless, even. But the truth is, if leaders are not truly pausing, then they're not truly performing...


Performance Pause is an exclusive 2-day retreat for business leaders where they can find time and space just for themselves. Performance Pause retreats are held in the UK, Singapore and South Africa in partnership with PlanetK2. Performance Pause coaching for CEO's and senior leaders is available on request.

We know each leader has different needs. Here are key reasons why leaders chose Performance Pause:


Already a high-performing leader, yet it’s not enough to satisfy their deeper calling. Now it’s going to have to be an inside job.


A leader facing a decision that will significantly impact their business. They need to step back and see the bigger picture.


It’s time to prepare for change - a new role, a career shift, a different step and they want to move forwards with clarity and intent.


Life has thrown them a curveball, ill health, breavement, divorce, forcing them to take stock and reassess what really matters.


Outside they're fine, inside they're drowning. Their body is saying slow down, they need to stop before it goes too far.


There's a big vision that they want to bring to the world, but how compatible will be with their current career choices?

Performance Pause provides leaders with;

Space to breathe and time to think.

A calming sense of control.

Intentionality for your life and leadership.

Fresh insights and breakthrough moments.

Solid foundations to lead in the face of uncertainty

“It is very rare as an executive that you are selfish and get the time to truly focus on yourself, decompress and answer questions about you and the business. Performance Pause was phenomenal, thank you.”

Dean Curtis Group Managing Director, RELX