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Sleep Meditations (NEW!)

The sleep meditations in this beautifully illustrated book are written specifically to help the reader slow down a busy mind, let go of the day and relax into a restful night’s sleep.
"A panacea for the mind and soul - 5 stars"

Sofia Lim-Oliver
"Want peace and calm to help you sleep?
This is the book."

Sara Webb
"A charming and beautifully illustrated book."

Johnny Lawrence


This book gives you the space and the practices so that you can learn how to benefit from the power of the pause. It uses nature, creativity and your inner spirit to allow the energy to flow freely once again.
"Hooked immediately! A beautiful and insightful book."

Sarah Penny
"An absolute gem that I will constantly go back to and buy for many friends. This will be a book that remains in my life."

Ria Ingleby
"This gentle and insightful guide helps us unravel our minds, gives us space and seeks to ask the fundamental questions, what sustains us and what really makes us happy?"

John Steer

Pause every day

A beautiful collection of mindful practices that you can dip in and out of. To be used daily or when you are feeling in the need of a little calm, clarity or space to think.
“A great little book that really helps you just stop and take pause when you need it most. Well worth five stars.”

Paul Tapner
“A really lovely little book thats extremely well done, I loved everything about it.”

Beanie Luck
“It's a lovely bundle for working mindfulness actively into your life.”

R. West-Soley


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