Transformational coaching and retreats
for tomorrow’s leaders - today.

To transform their teams, managers have to begin by understanding themselves.

Competing commitments require managers to have sound judgment, strong values and a deep trust in themselves to do the right thing.
Self-awareness under pressure is key. Pause gives managers the tools and time they need to make the best decisions.


Deep Pause coaching is designed to develop managers self-awareness in their current role, whilst transforming their understanding of themselves as leaders of the future. Deep Pause retreats are also available, for those times you need to get your team together to go deep and shift the system.

Deep Pause coaching is delivered online to your teams anywhere in the world. We support your Managers to:


Slow down and reboot, so they have energy for everything.


Develop strong foundations so that they feel more balanced.


Create greater clarity so they focus on the right priorities.


Develop real resilience so they can take the next step up.


Discover deeper meaning so they can contribute in a bigger way.


Enhance their creativity so they can innovate more every day.

Pause coaching provides managers with;

Self awareness under pressure.

Capacity to stay calm when making tough decisions.

Consciousness to stay true and not compromise values.

Ability to prioritise personal wellbeing.

Focus on holding their teams and business goals.

“A warm guiding light at times of darkness. I feel more charged and more connected than I have in years!”

David Scholtz COO, Mallowstreet