Help your teams pause and get grounded again

October 5, 2020
Danielle North

Could the Pause Challenge work for your team or organisation?

This Saturday 10th October, is World Mental Health Awareness Day.

To honour the day, on Friday 9th October we're launching a free 30-day Pause challenge in partnership with the Stress Management Society and Change Your World.

This challenge has been designed to help anyone commit to taking sustained habitual change by pausing and taking ten minutes out each day for their own mental health. When we slow down and pause, we increase focus, create calm and gain clarity of thought.

How it will work

Participants start the challenge by completing the Pause Report and then join a 90-minute live Pause workshop at 11.00am -12:30pm on Friday 9th October.

Then each day for 30 the following days, participants are sent a prompt sharing tools and practices to slow down a busy mind and encourage a feeling of groundedness.

There is also an opt-in buddy system for those who would like to have extra accountability to stay on track.

Finally the programme will close out with a follow-up workshop to share learnings and discoveries.

What’s the commitment?

  • 90 minutes on the 9th October
  • 10 minutes a day for the the following days
  • No cost commitment - it’s free!

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Could this work for your team or organisation?

We’d really love to see this challenge rippling through organisations and in the workplace. The Pause Challenge is especially for:

  • Individuals who find it difficult to slow down and switch off.
  • Managers who need space to make difficult decisions with the highest of integrity.
  • Leaders looking for clarity of vision so they can guide their teams successfully through change.

Please feel free to be a champion of mental health in the workplace and share the 30 Day Pause Challenge in your internal communications channels.

Be well, Danielle

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