Are You Ready To Retreat?

June 9, 2021
Danielle North

Deep inner work and heightened consciousness allows us to operate at a higher level

Calling all coaches and HR professionals who value their own personal development, who are craving in-person contact and would jump at the chance to get away!

As the world grapples with the significant shifts and changes that have come about from the past year, we all need to find our own unique meaning around what has happened.

This inner work and heightened consciousness allows us to operate at a higher level going forward – our connection to our work improves and we more profoundly understand our deeper emotions.

This is particularly important for leaders, coaches and other practitioners in service to others – whose work ultimately goes as a deep as they have gone themselves.

This year I am running a small, intimate UK based retreats designed enhance your coaching practice through deepening your connection with yourself.

As the Founder of Pause Global and an experienced Executive Coach of almost 20 years, I developed the Five foundation Stones of Coaching, and using this method will share how to evolve into a truly transformational coach whilst facilitating you to experience deep shifts within yourself.

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Feel nourished by two days of reflection, nature and human connection; surrounded by those passionate about being of service and personal development.

Learn from an experienced coach who has run dozens of deep transformational retreats all over the world and coached leaders at all levels

Indulge yourself in a trip away with likeminded people whilst focusing on your personal and professional development.  

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