The Healing Power Of Sound

July 27, 2021
Danielle North

At our Pause Retreats and in the one to one work we offer Sound Healing, but what is Sound Healing and what are the benefits?

What is Sound Healing?

The human body is a self-regulating system that seeks balance and stability through homeostasis. When a person is injured or becomes ill, the body inevitably seeks to return to its natural state of balance. When allowed, the human body knows how to heal itself.

Sound was used by the ancient civilisations for healing, and the Ancient Greeks connected the two by putting one God, Apollo, in charge of both music and healing. Sound Healing is the therapeutic use of sound and music for healing, where the voice or instruments are used as a natural way to treat pain and illness. Sound Healing works by taking a person into a place of stillness where they can heal themselves at a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

How does Sound Healing work?

Sound has the capacity to affect us on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Often, in order to cope with today’s fast-paced world, we shut down our senses, suppress our feelings and ignore our bodies. By causing our brain waves to change, Sound Healing can take us effortlessly into an altered state of deep awareness. This is positive because it means we can access wisdom from within that is usually drowned out by the chattering mind.In the stillness we can hear our body's wisdom and activate its natural healing ability so that we can return to health and happiness. The power to heal, and the path to healing are within us all.

Sound Healing works through the following key principles:

1. Frequency - resonance of sound

2. Intention - power of thought

3. Entrainment - stronger force pulls a weaker force to it

In addition, Sound Healers use rhythm, harmonics, dissonance, mantras and silence as part of the healing process.

What makes Sound Healing such an effective therapy?


The fetal nervous system is one of the very first systems to develop and continues to develop until a person reaches the age of 25 years old. The central nervous system is made up of 2 major parts, your brain and your spinal cord which communicate with the rest of the body. Part of the central nervous system is called theAutonomic Nervous which is divided into two, the sympathetic nervous system, and the parasympathetic nervous system.


The Sympathetic Nervous System stimulates what is known as the fight or flight response in the body. It prepares the body’s energy for stressful or energy-exerting activities. The Parasympathetic Nervous System on the other hand, works to conserve energy. It signals the body to conserve its energy while it sleeps and relaxes. This is known as the rest and digest system.


Modern living can trigger the fight and flight response and the sympathetic nervous system can get switched on very easily. It can be triggered by a text, a telephone ringing, a mistake, a difficult problem to solve, high volume of emails, a challenging conversation. In fact, we can spend whole days and weeks in this highly activated state, which means more cortisol is being produced than the body needs. Poor mood and elevated anxiety are linked to increased incidence of disease.  

Sound Healing is an effective therapy because:

1. We are self-healing

Sound therapy flicks the switch on a person’s nervous system to activate the Parasympathetic nervous system. In this natural resting state, they feel less stressed, and from this calmer place they are able to heal and repair their own bodies -physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I

2. Activates inner wisdom

Sound healing is also powerful because it re-actives the innate wisdom that each of us are born with, that we each have the capacity to heal and change. There are moments in our lives, when we stand on the precipice of great change and embrace it wholeheartedly and surrender with good grace. For the most part, change can often feel daunting for people, be it a change in themselves, a change of dynamics between them and other people, or a change in the world around them, most people prefer to avoid the risk of change and maintain the (often dissatisfying) status quo. Sound Healing aligns you with truths that can no longer be avoided, and as a result great change naturally occurs.

3. Intention creates infinite ripples

Sound Healing brings to the surface what has been suppressed, whether that be memory, emotion or truth for the person’s highest good. It is not necessary to know a person’s history for Sound Healing to be effective, which means that any trauma that is too difficult to be discussed, can be healed without them sharing their story verbally. Sound Healing facilitates shifts overnight that could take months of psychotherapy or coaching for a person to attain. By creating a safe space and holding a loving intention, we can surrender ourselves to the process and know that sound will provide the healing that is needed because a pure and loving intention creates infinite ripples of healing.

Healing for all

Sound Healing can be administered sitting or lying down which makes it suitable for all ages and abilities i.e. for people with disabilities, or children, or the elderly.Treatments are delivered fully clothed which reduces any barriers that people may have.


Research indicates that Solfeggio Frequencies stimulate healing and promote vitality, having a profound effect on physical, emotional and generational trauma. Sound Healing has no side effects like some prescribed medicines do, and whilst more research is needed in the field of Sound Healing, studies indicate that SoundHealing is effective for people with:


●     Depression

●     Dementia

●     Fibromyalgia

●     Alzheimer’s

●     Sleep problems

●     Stress


A client doesn’t even need to guess at what the cause of their symptoms might be, or even fully identify the cause of their dis-ease, the sound goes where it is required for them to be instruments for their own self-healing.


People we have worked with reported in that Sound Healing gave them:

●     Reduction in pain symptoms

●     Less anxiety

●     Increased energy

●     Reduced stress and tension

●     Less anger and feelings of sadness

●     Greater ability to cope with challenging situations

●     Increased problem solving and clearer thinking


Sound healing raises consciousness helping us to flow with, rather than fight against the natural forces of life. When we hand over to the power of sound, the voice is the ultimate healing tool.




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