Too busy to stop? Try this...

October 19, 2021
Danielle North

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and finding it difficult to step back? Try this little experiment.

Stop the clock right now, check your pulse, how fast is it?

Now focus on your breathing, how long can you follow your breath?

Settle into observing your breath, for a few minutes.

Then take stock of your surroundings.

How are you feeling now? Ready to get back into that task that was taking up all that time?

When you Pause, even for a few breaths, you create space inside of you - increasing your capacity to get more done with less stress.

The next time you find yourself inundated and your stress levels rising, why not consider a longer Pause with a Sound Healing session?


When you are stressed your sympathetic nervous system revs up the fight or flight responses by pouring the stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline into your body.

Sound Healing works by activating your vagus nerve, which then stimulates the rest and digest reflex (the parasympathetic nervous system).

The vagus nerve’s tendrils extend into many organs, and sends instructions for your body to relax, by releasing enzymes and proteins like prolactin and oxytocin, which calm you down.


Pause Sound Healing Sessions have been designed with leaders in mind who are so busy they can't relax. People who need to create more space in their lives so they can get more done, without being so stressed out.


These sessions are the perfect way to create more space for yourself, bringing about a sense of calm so that you can break through creative blocks, keep your energy flowing, leaving you feeling clear headed and calm.


Need this in your life? As an executive coach for 20+ years, Pause founder Danielle North is also a qualified Sound Healing Practitioner.

She provides 1:1 sessions at her UK practice based in Newbury, or remotely wherever you are in the world via Zoom.

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