Danielle North


Best selling author Danielle North has been running global retreats since 2013, creating a global movement to raise consciousness by inspiring people with the simple power of Pause.

Danielle has a long work history as a successful executive coach in the corporate industry, working with executives at companies such asMcKinsey, HSBC, Unilever and SAP.

Before creating Pause Global, she spent 3 years living and working in Asia, where she setup a pioneering coaching company and an award-winning change management consultancy. 

After learning that goals and ambitions could be just as happily and successfully achieved when simply allowing the body and mind to pause, she adapted her approach to work and life and Pause was born. 

All of our Pause coaches have been trained using the Unconventional Coaching For Coaches method, developed by Danielle as an antidote to conventional coach training.

Over 100 coaches around the world have been trained using this approach, which is designed free coaches up from restraints, so that they follow the person rather than a process.

A keen diver, Danielle loves nothing more than swimming to the depths, whether that's in our precious oceans, her own personal growth or alongside others on their own journey of transformation.